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Does Life Feel Harder Than You Think It Should?

Do you feel lost? Uneasy? Misunderstood? Do you seem to have a hard time connecting with others or struggle to accept yourself? Have you wondered how and  where you fit in the world? Has a major life transition or crises caused you to feel broken, confused or even numb? Do you sometimes question if life is harder for you than it is for others?

Throughout our life journey, it is not unusual – it’s actually quite common –  to experience situations, transitions or periods of time that just don’t feel good. In fact, they can feel scary, unnavigable or highly stressful. During these times we may go into an emotional coma or feel filled with heightened anxiety or grave fear. These feelings can be triggered by a multitude of factors. Maybe you had a painful separation from someone you were once close with. Perhaps you made a choice that has left you feeling ashamed, guilty or even unaccepted by people in your life or society as a whole. It could be that you are struggling with self-identity, self-worth and suffer from low self-esteem. You may be feeling lost and confused about where you want or need to go. Or, perhaps, you are just generally unhappy and looking for a new direction or path.

You Are Not Alone and You Can Feel Better

First, you are not alone – really. At some point in life, almost everyone goes through something that causes them to seriously question who they are and how they fit into the world. It’s common  to wonder if you will ever feel better – or just plain normal – again.

You may want the world to change or, at least, wish that some of the people or the situations in your life would. But, the first step to feeling better is to recognize and accept that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll wake up tomorrow and find that all of the external sources of pain in your life have vanished.

There is good news though, which is that you truly hold the power to your own happiness. Some events are out of your personal control, but you can change how you perceive those events. And, once you change your perception, life will feel better.

Simple Solutions to Facing Big Blocks

Shifting the way you perceive the world doesn’t have to be hard. It can actually be a lot less complicated than you may now believe. And, my straightforward approaches to tackling even some of life’s trickiest and most painful processes can help you feel better faster.

I use a simple, yet powerful methodology to help get to the root of what’s causing you pain and to help you to identify your individual issues. I’ll work with you to  develop tools and rules that are easy to apply to not just one, but to many of the challenging aspects of your life. My personal life experience with many major transitions has taught me that my focus needs to be on each individual’s specific needs, issues and goals – on you and your life – because what’s right for one person may be totally wrong for another. Together, we will figure out what works best for you – internally, with your relationships, and in your unique life situation.

Simply, I will help you to become very clear on what’s happening in the present moment in your life. You cannot change the past, but you can change the “right now.” Every moment is an opportunity to see the world with a more positive outlook. We have the ability to make choices that feel good and to move into a happier and more productive and fulfilling future.

But, you may have questions….

I feel ashamed and guilty about some of my behavior. I don’t know if I can tell anybody – even a therapist. I’m really worried about what he or she might think.

I am a trained and experienced therapist, and my role is not to play judge or priest. My number one concern is your wellbeing and that you feel safe, comfortable and heard in our sessions. I have enough life and professional experience to really get that human beings have seemingly infinite behaviors, needs and thoughts, and that’s okay. And, even if you think that your problem, situation or behavior is unique, it is likely not that unusual. I want to stress that there have been, are and will continue to be people who are struggling with similar issues. With help, it is extremely likely that you’ll begin to feel better about yourself.

I fear that I’m beyond help. I have no idea what it is I want or what to do next. If I don’t know, how could a stranger help me?

Because of my experience and training, I can help you to see things that you may be struggling to see yourself. There are parts of your physical body that you cannot see without the help of an external aid like a mirror. Similarly, there are parts of your psychological identity and behavioral patterns that are also difficult to see without objective, external help. As a professional, I’m able to see these challenges and help you identify issues that are holding you back. And, we’ll work together in a way that will help you to become more comfortable with who you are and what you’ll be discovering about yourself.

I’ve seen therapists before and they all say the same things. How are you different?

I try to keep things simple and get to the root causes of your pain. Once we identify the sources, it’s my practice to help you figure out a set of rules and tools that are easy to apply to your life situations. Feeling better usually doesn’t have to take years of strenuous emotional work – although for some it may. But, in most cases, my goal is to help you become an emotionally self-reliant and much happier person. With a few simple shifts in perception and behavior, it truly is possible!



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