What I Do

My approach

My approach is integrative, combining psychotherapeutic methods from several theoretical models. We will work together to see issues clearly, discover the source of the problems, and find new ways to effectively address them. We will explore issues of personal concern in an atmosphere of safety and trust, where you can feel deeply understood. The idea is to move beyond your self-limiting models. The goal is that you feel happy with your life.


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The three main aspects of my approach are:


We’d like to discover who you are now, how you feel now and what you want now. If we ever pay attention to an event in your past, it will be only to see how it affects you now. Changes can only happen in the present moment.


We will work collaboratively and actively as a team. I trust that you have the potential to know yourself better than anyone else and my role will be helping you to do it and discover your own resources. You are the true expert in your life. Your input and efforts are vital to the process and to your personal growth. I provide the tools, structure and support every step of the way.


Each individual is unique and every situation is different. We will work with what’s going on in your life in this moment, but the goal will be, not only to make you feel better about your current situation, but also that you learn your own tools that you will be able to apply to other aspects of your life. The ultimate goal will be that you have your own self-support.

About my sessions

  • Free initial 30-minute phone consult.
  • Sessions in English or Spanish.
  • Flexible scheduling with daytime, evening & weekend appointments.
  • Individual sessions of 50 minutes or 80 minutes.
  • Phone or Skype sessions available too.
  • Optional support between sessions through phone, e-mail or text.
  • Sliding scale spaces available.

Your Investment

Phone & Skype Rates:

Single Session


  • 50 minutes each

Single Session


  • 1 hour and 15 minutes each

3 Sessions


  • 1 hour and 15 minutes each
  • Sessions must be within 4 weeks of each other.
  • Unlimited support by text or whatsapp

8 Sessions


  • 1 hour and 15 minutes each
  • No time limit between sessions.
  • Unlimited support by text or whatsapp the first 2 months.