Improve your relationships: Put on the fear-colored glasses.

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When we feel attacked by someone, our relationship with them is often damaged as a result.  If only we could see how that person acted out of fear, our reaction would be much different.

I propose the following exercise as an example:  next time you talk to someone (your partner, child, friend, boss etc.), try putting on “the fear-colored glasses” to see the situation from their fear-based point of view.  See their reaction towards you founded on their insecurities and worries.  Imagine that their reaction has more to do with their own fears than it does with you.  Maybe it seems like everything is happening because of something you have said or done.  I suggest you use these glasses to take a closer look and you’ll see that this person is only reacting to their own insecurities.  They have their own fears, just like you have yours.  Understand this and react accordingly and just watch how things turn out.

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