Resolving problems in families (family therapy)

familia con problemasI also offer support for families. It’s a type of therapy that consist of intensive sessions (2 to 3 hours) and combine group parts (where all members of the family are present) with individual sessions, where each person works with me in a personal and confidential way. This type of therapy is very effective, because we can work both from family and personal perspectives, and it gives each member of the family a chance to express themselves, find relief, and receive support and advice about what is personally affecting them due to the situation that they’re experiencing. Due to this support at different levels (individual and family) and the intensive nature of the sessions, results are achieved quickly.


These sessions are helpful in cases where there are:

  • Strong and/or continual disputes, tense relations between some members of the family
  • Behaviors of some members that endanger, disturb, or worry the rest of the family
  • Relationship difficulties between parents and children (the children may or may not be minors)
  • Tense relationships that affect a family business in addition to living together
  • A separation or a divorce is being planned, and there are children in common.
  • The couple is divorced or separated, but the relationship between them is not good and affects the child or children.
  • and, in general, when living together is not satisfactory.


It’s important to note that in these cases the term “family” can be applied to any group of individuals who interact on an ongoing basis, and it doesn’t matter whether they live together or not, what type of relationship there is between them, or if they’re related by marriage.

For these cases, I offer services as a neutral mediator and specialist in the resolution of emotional conflicts.


Every case is different, and the final format of the session depends on the number of members who show up for it, but in general, all sessions will have:


  1. A first group part, to discuss the set of problems and the current situation. This part lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
  2. Immediately afterward, individual sessions with each of the members of the family. Of course, these individual sessions are completely confidential. Approximate length: 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. In the last part, the family, with my help and taking into account everything from the previous parts, makes decisions about their relationship and proposes a specific plan of action for everyday life.

With this method I delve into the main issues that are family problems and several weeks or months are not necessary to be able to propose a plan of action for changing the family situation.


And after the intensive session, do we have to have sessions every week?

No. The idea is that in the session many things will be discovered and many commitments and agreements will be worked out in the family. You have to experience them for a period of time and see how you feel about them. After the session we will decide when to see each other again, if necessary. Normally, if there is another session, it’s 2 to 4 weeks later.

How much does the session cost?

It depends on the case and the number of members who come to the session. It’s better to contact me and discuss the best way to carry out the session.

And if we want a shorter session?

No problem. Contact me, and we will adapt the therapy to your needs. In fact, the format that I have described would just be for the first session. The following sessions can be shorter.

One of the members of the family doesn’t want to come to the session, what do we do?

To address family issues, it is best if all the members involved come, but if one member doesn’t want to attend, it may make sense for the rest of the members to do so. It’s always possible to work on the situation from another perspective, and this can make the situation change. Do not hesitate to contact me and discuss this issue, if you want.

What are the advantages of these sessions compared to “conventional” family therapy?

Counseling or family therapy sessions normally last 45 or 50 minutes, and all the members of the family involved are present throughout the session with the therapist. In addition, the sessions take place once a week or every 2 weeks. The sessions that I offer, however:

  • Give each member of the family the opportunity to have an individual space, personal and confidential only with me, to be able to talk about what concerns them without having anyone else in the family present. Without interruptions and feeling free to say what they really feel and think.
  • The length of 3 hours makes it possible to dig deeper than is possible in the family therapy sessions of less than an hour, and to relieve the tension that is being experienced more immediately. In other words, what would take weeks in conventional family therapy is achieved in a few hours. Moreover, by dividing up time with the family but also in individual sessions, each member gets a break for a while (when I’m in an individual session with another member of the family) and the session, while long, doesn’t become tedious.
  • They offer flexibility with regard to their frequency. There is no need for us to see each other every week or two. On the contrary: Except in exceptional cases, we either plan the next session 3 or 4 weeks later, or the family schedules it when they think they need it. Unlike conventional family sessions, rather than set up sessions on a schedule, we will do it according to when the family feels they need another session.

All the above sounds good, but it’s going to be difficult to find a few hours during the week when it’s convenient for all of us to have the session

I understand that it can be difficult for families to find the time during the week so I also do sessions on the weekends.

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