About Me

simple-life-training-daniel-rodriguezI’ve been always interested in how to be happier, overcome problems and difficulties and understanding the “rules of life”. So it was only a matter of time that I studied my Master Degree in Psychology in Madrid (where I am from). My degree made it possible to do what I am passionate about, both in Spain and in the U.S.

When I was in my third year at the university I decided it was a good idea to expand my studies, and gained valuable training in different approaches and therapies that have helped me personal and professionally since then. The list is still growing, but if I had to summarize what I have learned along that way, I would mention:

  • My 3-years training in Gestalt Therapy taught me the therapeutic value of sharing your problems and opening to others. When we do it, we realize that we are not as “weird creatures” as we sometimes think we are and that others can see things from ourselves that we cannot see.
  • My participation in the SAT Program over three consecutive summers helped me tremendously to understand the deep motivations, patterns and dynamics that people have, how that influences all aspects of our life, and how to get out of our negative cycles.
  • Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming taught me that it’s not only important WHAT we think, but also HOW we do it. Understanding and changing that “HOW” is a powerful therapeutic tool.
  • My work with “Asesores Emocionales” in Spain showed me how our emotions are the best guide to who we really are and what we want, and that you cannot apply to others what you haven’t applied to yourself and your life.
  • Practicing Yoga and Mindfulness has helped me to enhance the importance of the body and to be fully engaged in the present moment to reach a whole wellness.

I don’t want to forget to mention the University of Life. In addition to my education and training, my life experience has contributed in many ways to who I am as a therapist and person. I’ve lived in six different cities and four countries, faced a career change, been an entrepreneur and, of course, struggled with relationships – all of this has made me learn about changes, acceptance and be comfortable dealing with those changes.


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