About my sessions

Life is what happens to you day to day, at every moment. It is how you relate to your loved ones and ones not so loved. It is how you feel when you perform your daily activities: work, leisure, being at home… My sessions will be a time to explore your personal issues in a safe and confidential atmosphere, where you can feel fully accepted. We will work together to identify what happens to you, the source of your problems or lack of wellbeing and find new ways to address all of that.

…but such exploration should also continue outside of our sessions. It must carry on with you at all times. In your daily life is where you have to explore, experiment, feel, learn from yourself.

…That is why, in each session, we will also discover what you can do in your day to day living to feel better. A specific plan of action. Different from what you usually do, but consistent with what we are discovering about you. So that you try it and see how it feels to you, how you feel.

My purpose is to help you understand your emotions: why you feel the way you feel, and what you can do to change your situation, to improve your life. It will be a process in which you’ll find:


  • Relief from the emotional tension you have inside
  • Clarity about what you want and what you have to do to achieve it
  • The relief and clarity that will give you hope that you can have a better life
  • And as you make progress in the process, the hope will turn into excitement about your life.


It doesn’t matter if you want to have the sessions just for you, with your partner, or with your family. The goal is for each person working with me to find a balance and personal harmony in their life and relationships.

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The main characteristics of my style are:


There is no need to have sessions every week or for them to have a fixed length. The frequency will be determined by your need. We can adjust the length according to your preferences: There are people who prefer somewhat longer sessions and others who prefer somewhat shorter ones. Also, we will be able to have sessions in person (if you live in Massachusetts, New York, or Madrid), session by phone or Skype, or a combination of these.

Practical and experiential

So that there is true learning (and, therefore, change), you have to experience something new. You have to do something different that makes you feel something different. And once you have experienced it, you can decide if you want to continue doing it or not. Just thinking and agonizing over things in your head won't make anything change in your life. Or only talking in the sessions won't change your life either. Therefore, we will devote part of each session to proposing a plan of action that you can carry out in everyday life to help get out of the current situation.


We are going to work with how you feel now. The past is nothing more than memories that are affecting you now. The future is a film that you stage in your head now. We can only act on the present moment, and it's only there where we can make changes. Besides, now is when you're feeling bad, isn't it?